Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meditation journal entry #12

Been some time since I have written about my meditations. There hasn't been much to write about though until recently. The last two weeks I didn't make time to meditate like I normally do. I had the very special visiting time with my kids. I got to have the for the whole two weeks and wow, what a great time we all had. I can't put into words how nice it was to be with them again. I can only say I felt complete in a way I usually don't. Still, after they went back to their mother, I slipped into my old routine of daily meditation. The first day back at it was pretty interesting. I really worked the two powers and filled my three cauldrons. I had a strong sensation of them realigning. I have come to suspect that what I sense as a re-aligning is what the original author of the cauldrons of posey may have meant when he talks about the cauldrons being tipped on their sides or upside down and how we can turn them right side up.

Today I chose to do an Ogham meditation. That means I pull out a Ogham Few at random and meditate upon it's meanings as they pertain to my life. Ruis was the few that chose me today. I considered what are my passions in life, what am I passionate about. This seemed very fitting at this time as just last night my b'loved water witch was saying how I don't seem as happy of late. Though last night I came up with several reasons that may be contributing to this, it occurred to me today that much of it is that I am not acting upon the things that I am passionate about. One of those things that I am passionate about it helping people with the problems they are struggling with. This led me to post on FaceBook that I was giving free Ogham readings for the day so as to get more practice in. I had several requests. Good questions most of them and I enjoyed the practice and I feel that I was able to help those who asked. All but one that is. One question I could not discern an answer that made sense. I may attempt the divination at another time. Part of the difficulty is the nature of the question isn't one that the Ogham is going to be able to answer easily. In the end I feel a fire in my heart that I haven't had in a while.

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