Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On the storing of energy in the body

I was asked my opinion on the storing of spiritual/magical energies in the body. I began to answer the question in the comment section but then quickly realized the extent of the answer required it's own blog post. The gist of the issue brought up was that the reader was concerned that storing such energies in the body could lead to illness. The answer is no...if you do it right. To begin my explanation we shall go on a little walk back through my life starting at age 10. It was at that time I began my martial art training. Little did I know then that it was going to lead me to the druid I am today. I trained with all my heart for many years. When I was 15 my sister introduced me to the idea of Taoism. I was a spiritual blank board. Taoism hit me at the right time and in the right way. I was already a black belt. I ate it up, no, devoured it. I study tai-chi and from there Chi Kung. With that I began to understand Chi and how it can be used in the body. I got book after book on Taoist philosophy and inner alchemy. Old and new, it didn't matter I read them all. I then got to study under a Taoist Abbot and a Taoist mystic. I learned to sense energy, move energy and store it. I rarely got ill, broke boards with the flick of my wrist, and could put out a candle flame with two fingers and not touch it. My point being, I know a thing or two when I say that the Taoist of old were very interested in storing energy in the body. Why? Why for better health, more spiritual power to help them reach enlightenment, and maybe, just maybe, immortality. The Taoist monks of old have created a very complex and detailed system of energetics with in the human body. Any one who has looked at a detailed map of the meridians acupuncturists use will get an inkling of what I am talking about. There is a lot more out there then just YIN and YANG. The Taoist monks of old believed that if they could retain their energy they could live forever. Some types of energy they would try and build and store within the body. There is a catch to all of this of course. That being if a person didn't do it correctly, it could back fire and lead to illness. So what's the correct way to do it? Well, there have been many a book and scroll written on that very subject, go look it up. However, I will boil it all down. As I understand it, the gist is build slowly. It's like electricity. There is a theory that it's not just high voltage that kills, but the sudden change in voltage. In some places the guys who work on power lines first place their hands on two metal pads that slowly increase the voltage of thier body. Thus if they accidental touch the wrong wires the shock they receive if far less likely to kill them. I am of the opinion that story spiritual energy is much like this. It's not the building up slowly and storing it that causes problems, but sudden influxes of energy might when the body isn't prepared or used to them.

I had gained much in the way of spiritual energy when I met my now ex wife. Looking back at it, I can't help but shake my head at all that I let her take away from me.
Happily, now I am once again free to build it up again, this time I am finding it easier then the first time. This time it's not about being a better martial artist, but about being a better person.

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