Friday, February 11, 2011

Meditation journal week 6

Well this week had been decidedly less busy. We got a break from CnA class as they had to have a change in teachers. We start up again on Monday. All this boils down to me getting more mediation time in. The two power mediation comes very easily to me now, and I feel the flow of the two powers strongly. It's a very pleasant sensation and leaves me feeling balance, healthy, and full of life, yet calm and relaxed. I didn't do any spirit-walks this week. Just didn't feel called to. I did spend some time in my nature place out by the river. It was nice. Found a great piece of oak to make a staff out of. I have been studying the Ogham recently and using mediation to help me learn it. I pull out a random Fid and then I will read it's entry. I then intone the name of the fid as I visualize it's shape in my mind. I play with the pitch until I find one that seems to resonate within my body. There is definitely magic in this technique and in the names and symbols. I burned some into the staff I made. This helps me to learn them as well as empower my staff.

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