Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nine days of devotion: 6-9

Day 6: Brighid as warrior.  The idea of Brighid as warrior really stems from the Brigantine tribe of Celts from England.  It is within this tribes range that a Roman-Celtic statue of a goddess holding a spear in one hand and a sphere in another with other ruler icongraphy and the word "Brighid" inscribed at the bottom that we get the idea of her as warrior.  There is no lore of her as a warrior in the Irish or Scottish myths.  As for my personal work, I have not called upon this aspect of her, though I do believe it is there.  Though I don't see her providing the skill of the warrior, but rather the fire, the spirit of a warrior.  She is the courage of the warrior.  I know there are certainly areas of my life that I need more courage.  It's time to stop being afraid of nursing; to stop being afraid of making a mistake. 

Day 7: Holy well: Brighid is associated with many holy wells all throughout Ireland, Scotland and England.  These wells are said to purify and heal.  Thus we touch up Brighid as a healer. Wells also signify depth and a deepening of our spirit and spiritual work.  I for one have dived deeply into her well the past few months deepening my understanding of this goddess and my spirituality.  I have frequently called on her to purify my spirit and heal my soul and my health at times. 

Day 8: Brighid as Hearth fire.  Brighid is strongly associated with fire time and again in many subtle ways in the lore.  I strongly feel that this may have been her original and primary association. As the goddess of fire she is the center of the home, and therefore the protector of the home.  As the hearth fire was mostly tended by the woman of the house, she is a goddess strongly associated with woman.  The home is one area of my life that has most certainly been blessed by Brighid.  The love of my wife and children bind us together strongly.  Our home, though very old and a little run down, is large and spacious.  Our friends love to come and spend time with us here.  We are also blessed to have a good sized fireplace, and upon the mantle is the image of Brighid. 

Day 9: Healer  Brighid is seen as a healer and called on often in this role.  I suspect this stems again from her role as a fire goddess.  The fire of health that burns to keep us alive.  The fire of our spirits.  Also herbs were often used in teas to drink to restore one's health and one must have a fire to boil the water to create the tea, thus Brighid as healer.  This is one area that I have called upon her many times to aid me or those around me.  At the start of every shift I ask her to let her healing powers flow through me.  I ask to be her vessel of healing in the middle world.  She often responds and I can tell those times when she is working through me.  It's impossible to put into words, but it's definitely a flow that enters me from on high and travels through my arms and hands.  It's something I just feel.  Too bad it's not accompanied by softly glowing hands and swirling lights.