Wednesday, January 18, 2012

finale to the latest healing request

So the man for whome I was asked to do a working of healing survived the surgery and recovered completely from it. However the tumors in his brain were just the tip of the iceburg it turns out. It is throughout his entire body, lungs, liver, spleen, even into his bones. It is a death sentence. I didn't recieve word on the exact stage of the cancer, but based on this description I'd guess stage four. All there is to do now is help the family cope as best as I can in what way I can.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coming to the end of the Dedicants Path work

So I have been on the ADF Dedicant's Path for a year and a month now, and I am all but finished. The last step before I submit it is to perform my Dedicant's Oath. I have decided that I shall give my oath in public at the Cottonwood Protogrove's Public Imbolc rite. This feels appropriate as I consider Brighid a patron.
I am also about to start my second semester of nursing school next Tuesday. Despite this, I plan to move forward with my religious pagan studies and start working the Clergy training program as well.

Meditation journal update: Nin on my mind

I am still meditating daily, Still doing the two powers and the tree of light exercises. Why?, because they work for me. Today after the two powers and tree of light, I found myself going on a spirit-walk and landed at the court of Lugh. This was a good thing as I was in need of guidence in regards to some leadership questions of the protogrove. Answers came as a mixed combination of words and images. The Ogham I pulled after my return and the end of my meditation was Nin. Very fitting for the situation. It was a reminder and a suggestion for a course of action.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Helping the Employer

This morning I was asked to do a major working of healing for the Water witche's employer. He has fallen ill while out of state and is in a hospital. I don't know the nature of the illness. I was asked to do prayers, energy healing, and spirit evocation. I did all of thee above. I used the ritual outline I learned in ADF and Ian C.'s work. I opened the gates, gave offerings, took an omen. That being Tinne, I took it as a good omen. I invoked the blessing into the chalice and drank the waters of life. From there I called on my familiar and spirit guid the stag. I asked him to bring to me a spirit that would do good healing work. He left and while I waited for his return I did an energy working using the two powers and healing intention for the Employer. Stag returned with a Sow. I spoke to the spirit for a bit, felt it could do the work, and gave it instructions and then offerings. I finished with offerings and prayers to Bridgit for the Employers healing. Phew! I then did a full Ogham casting for the Employer over the next month. I see illness as being the central focus for the month with healing coming. Death does not seem to be coming.
Let's see what happens.