Wednesday, January 18, 2012

finale to the latest healing request

So the man for whome I was asked to do a working of healing survived the surgery and recovered completely from it. However the tumors in his brain were just the tip of the iceburg it turns out. It is throughout his entire body, lungs, liver, spleen, even into his bones. It is a death sentence. I didn't recieve word on the exact stage of the cancer, but based on this description I'd guess stage four. All there is to do now is help the family cope as best as I can in what way I can.


  1. So on Oct 6, you said "I have done enough readings to have confidence in them", and on Jan 6 you said "I see illness as being the central focus for the month with healing coming. Death does not seem to be coming." Twelve days later, and science says "it is a death sentence".
    I'm not Judeo-Christian, but the simple test of Deuteronomy (18:20-1) still works: If it doesn't come true as the prophet spoke, then that is a false prophecy. It would also seem that Jeremiah 23 is applicable, as you have spread false hopes and spoken from your own mind.
    Since you do not have a problem sharing bad news divined (per Oct 6), we cannot assume you were just inspiring a placebo while believing that death was coming (a time-honored shamanic tradition), so do you now question divination itself or your skill in it?

  2. Hi Phoenixgrove. You pose a good question. The answer lies in the detail that you may have missed. One needs to keep in mind the time frame in which the divination was set. If you'll notice I mentioned that the the casting was for the month out from the time of the casting. Thus, death was not coming in the next month, which according to the Dr.'s is acurate. I found out yesterday that the Dr.'s are giving him 6 months to live without Chemo, and a year with Chemo. As for the healing, he has gone from being Hemiplegic to fully functioning and survived two brain surgeries with no ill effect. Though I didn't write about it, I also know this family to be highly disfuctional. Though the coming death is a great sadness, I also hope that it is a sort of wake up call to the family and perhaps some emotional healing will also come of it.

    I also want to point out that I am not the best writer in the world. I often misspell words and use awkword sentence structure. It's likely because I didn't explain myself well enough.

    1. Oh and I also want to point out, I never shared the divination with anyone but with myself and on here. The healing work is what was asked for, the divination was for myself. So there was no spreading of "false hope" or plecebo. Lastly, I always question my skill at divination. ;)