Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In the last few weeks my healing talents have been called upon by many people. Two of which I know I had a direct and immediate impact on. First was my good friend Robert. He has back pain that comes and goes, and at times gets so bad as to make him miss work. This was one of those times. A family obligation prevented me from getting to him earlier rather then later, but I got to him as soon as I could. Considering he lives about 2 hours from me I think I did ok. In the healing I used primarily massage therapy, but I also Incorporated some magical healing techniques as well. As I recall Roberts low back and hips were all out of alignment. The right pelvis was downsliped and anteriorly rotated. The last lumbar was rotated to the left. This is usually painful combination. On top of it though his body took a very poor muscular solution which only caused more pain. Instead of the right gluteals splinting and the left Erector spinea, the opposite occurred. I spent a good hour making the necessary changes. I finished with taking the stone that the monolith had gifted me and placing it on Robert's back. I asked it to absorb his pain, and replace it with some of the thousands of years of solar current it has absorbed. Robert was still quiet sore that day, but after a good nights sleep he was much better. I saw him again last weekend, and he looked like his old self.

Another one was on my b'loved. She woke me in the wee hours of the morning to let me know that she was having a gallbladder attack. She hasn't had one for over a year or more. I set my hands on her as she lay on her side. One side on her back the other on her front. I dipped into my cauldrons of Telluric and Solar energies, made them into the lunar energy and projected that out through my hands into her with the intent of healing. I silently called to my totem animals to help me, and invoked the healing of Brigit. Thirty minuets later, she reported that she was now pain free and she peacefully fell back asleep.

There have been others, though because of distance and time, all I was able to do was give offerings to the holy kindred and ask for their aid in this. Most of them seem to have come out of it.

Though not a healing, I also did a house blessing this week. A member of the Pagan meetup purchased a home of their own. As my house warming gift, I did the blessing. It is something I learned from OBOD and I like it a lot. What's more, not sure what I did or said, but it would seem I made enough impression on the husband who is not pagan that he is now considering taking up a pagan path. Druids, planting seeds is what we do.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Arts and Crafts with Mr. Druid

Lughnasa is coming up quick! Sadly I am not going to get to participate in a group ritual with my circle of pagan friends as I will be traveling back from a week long visit with my kids. In discussion last week it was asked, and I volenteerd, if some one would make some sort of sun symbol. So today I took a trip to Micheals and got to work. The above is the result of that session. Simple, organic, agrarian, and just perfect for a ritual. At least I think so. In this way I get to be with them in spirit. I hope the rest of the "tribe" likes it, and I hope the realize it's made in love for all of them to enjoy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A walk in the woods with an Animistic Druid

I stepped out of my jeep, into the cool, relieving air, and took a deep breath. I never knew how good clean air felt flowing into the lungs until I moved away from it. I gathered my gear all the while keeping an eye on my dog Orion. He's a good boy. On with the extra large camo fanny pack, then my Crane skin pouch, then the camera, last but not least my over sized straw mushroom head hat and magical staff. Orion and I set up the hill on the two mile hike to the summit of this sacred Mountain. I am told the natives of this land still hold summer solstice ritual up here every year as they have for thousands of years. I can't help but wonder what it would have been like to get to the top if this 5,000ft peak without the aid of a car or horse. It's 104 down in the valley, but only 75 up here. Ahhhhhh. As I start up I am almost knocked back by the overpowering smell of the Jeffry and white pines. It has been almost a year since I was last on this hike. I can tell the rain spirits have been more forthcoming this year from the amount of greenery and flowers. We hike up a ways and come to the first tree with a big spirit. I dip into my Crane skin pouch and pull out vervain. I dump some in my hand and spread it about the tree in offering. I then take a huge suck on my waterskin and with a big breath spray water on the tree. These are my offerings. I then touch the tree, humble asking it for it's blessing. I feel a bit of it's energies flow down my left arm and into and around my whole being. It's an exhilarating feeling for sure. It's been to long since I took time in the deep woods. It's like rain on this parched land. When it ends, I thank the tree spirit, and move on. Before I do, I marvel at the blackened trunk. I wonder how long ago the fire that came through here was. I remember this spirit was like that last year. Would those scares ever heal or wash away? It's a testament to it's will. Moving on I come to the large rock. The one that heads the top of this very blog. I repeat the little ceremony, quietly whispering to the rock. I ask it for it's blessing. I feel only the smallest trickle of energy, but then a chunk of stone falls off and hits my foot. I pick it up and place it in my crane skin pouch. I thank the stones, and move on. Orion and I hike on for some time. Stopping to take photos, or just to listen. I don't speak. Orion and I are in tune enough he knows what I want with but a small whistle or click of my tongue. There's no one around so he gets to run leash free. He always seems to stay in eye contact with me. I chuckle at his bird chasing antics. Never the squirls, just the birds. I don't know why, it's just his way. He never comes close to the birds, but he never gives up either. I like that. Another tree, another offering and blessing, though this tree was stingy. I thank it anyway. We come to the peak, and up Orion and I climb. At the top, I drop the gear, and dig out our lunch. The bees are buzzing. A swallow tail butterfly glides over head as I sink my teeth into the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I wonder if the butterfly realizes it's the highest flying butter fly in Kern County? If it did, would it care? Orion doesn't notice it, he's to busy scarfing his half of the PnJ sandwich. I think the butterfly is the same. It's to busy looking for some nectar and a good lay. After lunch I put on the Crane Bag and take up my staff. I walk to the offering stone. I know it's the one. It's about as big as a toilet and flat like a table. I talk to the spirit of the mountain. I tell it who I am, where I am from. I give it offerings of vervain, water, and incense. I sit and meditate for some time. How long? Can't say, didn't bring a time piece with me. A good while. Long enough for my entire left leg to go numb. When done, I get up and grab our gear and we head on over to the look out on the other side. It's much more windy there. Better to talk to the wind spirit. Orion and I arrive. I sit at the bench for a while hoping to be lucky enough to see a California Condor. No luck. I stand and offer vervain to the wind spirit. Then I listen and look and listen some more. I feel the wind until I am the wind. In time I am me again, and I pick up my gear, and Orion and I turn and head back to the jeep. It was a glorious 4 hours. My gifts given and received. I came back renewed, energized, with some good photos and a sunburn to help me remember it all for days.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my new alter

I "up-graded" my alter today. I went to a thrift store looking for a bigger table upon which to creat my alter. I found a nice one right off. the above is the results. The antlers are from a columbian black tail I took with a traditional bow and self made arrows back in 2004 I think it was. It represents Cernernnos. The Bridgit's cross on the wall is of course for Bridgit. I am still searching for some thing to represent Lugh and the Morrigan. These are the gods that I work with most often. At least thus far. the four bowls represent the four elements. In the center I like to have a chalice instead of a cauldron. The chalice holds much meaning to me. A lot of it has to do with the magical work I am learning from JMG's system. This particular chalice was passed down to me from my grandfather via my mother. It was his toasting cup from his wedding. My bride and I used it as our chalice in our wedding. I have also used it in some powerful magical spells. It's made of sterling silver. On the back right side is a copper disk. This has Fion's window on it. The rattle I use to help induce trance state for spirit-walks, as well as changing energy of a place. The athme I use for spell casting and for cutting as needed. It's an old iron blade set into a bears jaw. The sheath is made from bear. It is quite powerful magicaly. I think the spirit of the bear is still with it. I rescued it from a gun and knife show.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a book review

So over the long weekend at my sister-in-laws wedding, I read a book, well two actually. The one I wanted to talk about tonight is "Magical use of Thought Forms" by Dolores AShcroft-Nowicki and J.H. Brennan. I knew that these two were Cerimonial Magicians. I have always been curious about thought forms. I have done some reading about them on the internet and tried an exercise or two. What these two had to say was very enlightening and thought provoking. It is well written. However the firs half of the book is all about stories that prove the whole point of thought forms, but in a way that isn't always made clear to the reader. I found myself asking...why am I having to read this story? I don't see how a story about people who thought they were wearwolves has any thing to do with it. In time the book gets around to instructing what to do in the Astral plane to build thought forms. However the book is completely lacking in any explanation on HOW TO GET TO THE ASTRAL IN THE FIRST PLACE. The authors at least have the decency to pretty much come out and say we expect you to know how to get there without us telling you, but yet never quite say it. The book takes you through a series of exercises. These were all well and good until I get to the one about creating "god forms", such as Artemis, or appolo or maybe Lugh, or the morrigan, and then putting your consciousness inside it and acting a god. This is however closely followed by a warrning to NEVER do this with an angel, as angels are much too powerful and will some how mess you up....excuse me? what did I just read? Really? Uhm...it's ok to pretend to be a greek god, but not an angel? uhm....ok some one hasn't been paying attention to the greek myths latel now have they? In fact, I don't know about you dear reader, but I would consider it the hight of folly to impersinate a god. Just sayin. Not only that, but as a pagan, I find it rather insulting to insinuate the idea that my gods, the gods I worship and pray to. The gods that speak to me and help me day to day are some how impotant in this? That they are some how less potent then mere angels? Wow. I realize many Cerimonial Magicians are christians, but to be so blatently callus toward others gods. I found it a huge slap in the face and almost put the book down there. I guess I expected more from Cerimonials. I did persist and push through the book. I did learn some things here and there, but nothing earth shattering. Though the book is titled magical use of thought forms when it's all said and done, after 203 pages I can tell you only two uses for thought forms. 1. as a means to be a memory aid, and 2. as a way to create a guardian for a sacred space. As a non-sequater there is an entire detailed chapter on how to create a familier and curses. Oh and another part I feel is note worthy is how the authors go into detail on how to create an elemental guardian but in the very begging tell you they don't recomend it. Then go on to tell you how to create an "angelic" guardian which of course they recomend. In the end, if your a pagan, or a shaman, don't bother with this book. If I wanted to spend $17.00 just to be pissed off and annoyed, I'd take my wife to see a sparkly vampire teenage angst movie...at least I'd have the chance to get laid in the end.

On the storing of energy in the body

I was asked my opinion on the storing of spiritual/magical energies in the body. I began to answer the question in the comment section but then quickly realized the extent of the answer required it's own blog post. The gist of the issue brought up was that the reader was concerned that storing such energies in the body could lead to illness. The answer is no...if you do it right. To begin my explanation we shall go on a little walk back through my life starting at age 10. It was at that time I began my martial art training. Little did I know then that it was going to lead me to the druid I am today. I trained with all my heart for many years. When I was 15 my sister introduced me to the idea of Taoism. I was a spiritual blank board. Taoism hit me at the right time and in the right way. I was already a black belt. I ate it up, no, devoured it. I study tai-chi and from there Chi Kung. With that I began to understand Chi and how it can be used in the body. I got book after book on Taoist philosophy and inner alchemy. Old and new, it didn't matter I read them all. I then got to study under a Taoist Abbot and a Taoist mystic. I learned to sense energy, move energy and store it. I rarely got ill, broke boards with the flick of my wrist, and could put out a candle flame with two fingers and not touch it. My point being, I know a thing or two when I say that the Taoist of old were very interested in storing energy in the body. Why? Why for better health, more spiritual power to help them reach enlightenment, and maybe, just maybe, immortality. The Taoist monks of old have created a very complex and detailed system of energetics with in the human body. Any one who has looked at a detailed map of the meridians acupuncturists use will get an inkling of what I am talking about. There is a lot more out there then just YIN and YANG. The Taoist monks of old believed that if they could retain their energy they could live forever. Some types of energy they would try and build and store within the body. There is a catch to all of this of course. That being if a person didn't do it correctly, it could back fire and lead to illness. So what's the correct way to do it? Well, there have been many a book and scroll written on that very subject, go look it up. However, I will boil it all down. As I understand it, the gist is build slowly. It's like electricity. There is a theory that it's not just high voltage that kills, but the sudden change in voltage. In some places the guys who work on power lines first place their hands on two metal pads that slowly increase the voltage of thier body. Thus if they accidental touch the wrong wires the shock they receive if far less likely to kill them. I am of the opinion that story spiritual energy is much like this. It's not the building up slowly and storing it that causes problems, but sudden influxes of energy might when the body isn't prepared or used to them.

I had gained much in the way of spiritual energy when I met my now ex wife. Looking back at it, I can't help but shake my head at all that I let her take away from me.
Happily, now I am once again free to build it up again, this time I am finding it easier then the first time. This time it's not about being a better martial artist, but about being a better person.

A question Answered, a quarter completed, a brotherhood bonded in marrige

I have been away a while from my computer. I was at the wedding of my sister in law to her long time boyfriend. It is an excellent union supported and loved by all. The ceremony was a typical out door wedding, with perhaps one special change. the ones leading the ceremony were the brides older sister and brother in law. This made it a very personal one. Much was said and in ways that pries or other religious leader or outsider who could not have had such insights to the relationship. It was touching. At the reception I stood and in my own way cast a spell. A spell of binding. Not in the usual way of binding another so that they do no harm. In this instance it was a binding to help bring the family closer together. My wife is the oldest of three daughters. No brothers. The sisters are close, very close, and thus I know the husbands of said sisters will be seeing each other often. In fact the other two men are already best friends and have been for a long time. I guess I felt the need to let them know, that I too, am there for them. I stood and I told each of them that we are the three luckiest guys in the world. I told them that through the love of our wives we were not merely brothers-in-law, but in fact simply brothers. With that I told them I'd be there for them all to the best of my ability no matter what.

Before I left, I finished my work with the element of water in the OBOD training. At the end I did what is called the "water weaving ritual". I was looking forward to the ritual a lot. I set it up and proceeded as instructed. Sadly, in the scrying portion I had no visions. In the end I really didn't feel anything. The ritual didn't do much for me. It's not that it was a bad ritual. In fact I think it's a great ritual. I think the problem is that at this point it's a bit to rudimentary for me at my place spiritually. I know that sounds egotistical, but let me try to explain, dear readers, before you jump the gun. As stated a while ago, I studied Taoism extensively. One of the main ideas of Taoism revolves around water. Then there is the Chinese elements, one of which is water. I have studied the elements long before I took up the druid path. though I am learning new things here and there, much of it, at least in the case of water, I have already known and Incorporated. Thus the ritual didn't move me. I suspect working with Air, which is next is going to have a far greater effect on me spiritually.

While I was away, I got the question of what is the 3 cauldrons exercises and what is the CoP (circle of protection). I'll start with the CoP. The Circle of Protection is energetic spell from John Micheal Greer's book Druid Magic. It's a spell that one does daily. I think it's purpose is similar to that of the Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, but don't quote me on that as I don't know much about that. In the CoP we invoke the 5 elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. However spirit is divided into 3 aspects. Spirit above, spirit below, and spirit within. We ask for the blessings of the elements and to banish all unbalanced manifestations of said elements. In the end we finish with a protective sphere of energy. The 3 cauldrons exercise is a way of storing larger amounts of Nwyvre in our bodies. This can be used for increased power in spell casting as well as increased health and vigor. It can also be found in the Druid Magic book by JMG.

For the next few weeks I shall be journying through the element of air as per my OBOD training. I'll also be applying for my next level in AODA as my year and a day are about up.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hunting the Wren

Today in my Gwers, I was told of the story of how the Wren was considered the king of birds and the Welsh and Irish words for Wren were synonymous with Druid.

Long long ago, the Bird tribe called it's people together so that they may choose a king. It was decided that the king should be the bird which can fly the highest. The mighty Eagle was the favorite. The birds took flight and soon the Eagle sored high above all the rest. Just as he was about to declare his victory a Wren spring up from between the Eagles wings, who had been hiding there all along, and flying above even the eagle he peeped at the top of his voice that he had flown the highest and was the king of the bird tribe. Thus the Wren became the king, not out of physical might, but out of cunning. The fact that druids were thus associated with this bird and thus this story indicates to me that the druids and Celts of old respected cunning and intelligence over brute strength.

Sadly with the coming of Christianity in its zeal to destroy all things pagan it started the tradition of a ceremonial hunt of the Wren. It would be killed and paraded all around the town and berried. Of course it's not hard to see that this was one way of the Christian's persecuting druids and all they represented.

The lesson then went on to having me meditate on what it was that I seek, what it was that I hunt. So with that in mind, I gave incense offerings to the holy kindred, and my CoP and three cauldrons exercise, as I do each day. Then I sat and I came to see that currently I am hunting to feel accepted and loved. This seemed silly to me as I know well that I am surrounded by people who love and care about me. So why the need to seek it? It was because I had closed myself off to it. Not just the love of those around me, but to the love of the holy kindred. This realization alone was enough to allow me to open myself up to the love and I could feel it flooding back into me.
Then I thought of how I was hunting for better financial stability by going back to school and becoming a nurse. I thought of how I was hunting for wisdom. How I was hunting for spiritual power, how I was hunting for inner peace. I realized these were the three rays of light, the tribann. Thus I was hunting for Awen. I was hunting to be a druid....I was hunting the Wren.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dreaming those special kinda dreams again

On Monday I had a dream I was at collage looking down the hill at "my" home that in reality was a home I had never seen before in my life. There was smoke coming out of the windows and I could see that inside was engulfed in flames. I remember feeling a little panicked that my house was burning from the inside out.
Today my mom called and told me that she has decided to tell my father to move out. It's not a surprise to me. I knew this was coming. In fact, I think it's a good idea. The two seem to be making each other crazy and they are both miserable. They have been married 46 some odd years. I knew the dream I had on Monday was one of those special dreams. Like I had early in the year. It's just their meanings are never clear to me until the event for which I think they are about happens. I know it could all be coincidence, but my gut tells me otherwise.