Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In the last few weeks my healing talents have been called upon by many people. Two of which I know I had a direct and immediate impact on. First was my good friend Robert. He has back pain that comes and goes, and at times gets so bad as to make him miss work. This was one of those times. A family obligation prevented me from getting to him earlier rather then later, but I got to him as soon as I could. Considering he lives about 2 hours from me I think I did ok. In the healing I used primarily massage therapy, but I also Incorporated some magical healing techniques as well. As I recall Roberts low back and hips were all out of alignment. The right pelvis was downsliped and anteriorly rotated. The last lumbar was rotated to the left. This is usually painful combination. On top of it though his body took a very poor muscular solution which only caused more pain. Instead of the right gluteals splinting and the left Erector spinea, the opposite occurred. I spent a good hour making the necessary changes. I finished with taking the stone that the monolith had gifted me and placing it on Robert's back. I asked it to absorb his pain, and replace it with some of the thousands of years of solar current it has absorbed. Robert was still quiet sore that day, but after a good nights sleep he was much better. I saw him again last weekend, and he looked like his old self.

Another one was on my b'loved. She woke me in the wee hours of the morning to let me know that she was having a gallbladder attack. She hasn't had one for over a year or more. I set my hands on her as she lay on her side. One side on her back the other on her front. I dipped into my cauldrons of Telluric and Solar energies, made them into the lunar energy and projected that out through my hands into her with the intent of healing. I silently called to my totem animals to help me, and invoked the healing of Brigit. Thirty minuets later, she reported that she was now pain free and she peacefully fell back asleep.

There have been others, though because of distance and time, all I was able to do was give offerings to the holy kindred and ask for their aid in this. Most of them seem to have come out of it.

Though not a healing, I also did a house blessing this week. A member of the Pagan meetup purchased a home of their own. As my house warming gift, I did the blessing. It is something I learned from OBOD and I like it a lot. What's more, not sure what I did or said, but it would seem I made enough impression on the husband who is not pagan that he is now considering taking up a pagan path. Druids, planting seeds is what we do.

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