Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my new alter

I "up-graded" my alter today. I went to a thrift store looking for a bigger table upon which to creat my alter. I found a nice one right off. the above is the results. The antlers are from a columbian black tail I took with a traditional bow and self made arrows back in 2004 I think it was. It represents Cernernnos. The Bridgit's cross on the wall is of course for Bridgit. I am still searching for some thing to represent Lugh and the Morrigan. These are the gods that I work with most often. At least thus far. the four bowls represent the four elements. In the center I like to have a chalice instead of a cauldron. The chalice holds much meaning to me. A lot of it has to do with the magical work I am learning from JMG's system. This particular chalice was passed down to me from my grandfather via my mother. It was his toasting cup from his wedding. My bride and I used it as our chalice in our wedding. I have also used it in some powerful magical spells. It's made of sterling silver. On the back right side is a copper disk. This has Fion's window on it. The rattle I use to help induce trance state for spirit-walks, as well as changing energy of a place. The athme I use for spell casting and for cutting as needed. It's an old iron blade set into a bears jaw. The sheath is made from bear. It is quite powerful magicaly. I think the spirit of the bear is still with it. I rescued it from a gun and knife show.


  1. Was fun shopping with you. Was glad to help you find cool things and thanks for letting the kids tail you about.

  2. no thank you for showing me where the place is! The kids are never a problem. I like kids. especially with katsup.

  3. This is really inspiring. I love your altar! I think it may be time to upgrade my own altar. thank you for posting, I enjoyed seeing this.