Friday, January 14, 2011

A spiritual Thank you

I recently was selected for a Certified nursing program. Only 1/3 of the applicants were accepted. My regular readers will know that there was some spiritual work that went along with this. In fact it's been a long time coming. I know without a doubt that they holy kindreds had their hands in this. Based off my spirit-walk last Monday I feel that Bridgit had much to do with my acceptance into the program, and explaining some important things to me that I was blind to. So today instead of my normal meditation time, I chose to do a full rite, and give offerings to the goddess Bridgit, and all without asking for anything in return. This would be my second "formal" full right I have done since joining ADF. I have done many "practice" or "informal" full rights. I am a kinesthetic learner. The best way for me to learn the ritual is to do it. The ritual flowed well. I concentrated more on the pattern of ritual and less on the specific words. I was more relaxed and found that the right words just came to me. I chose to do this rite indoors at my shrine, so my offerings were placed in an offering bowl. I gave flour to the Earth Mother, Oil for the gods, incense for the sidh, and bread for the ancestors. I gave an offering of milk and my love and thanks for Bridgit. After I opened the gate and gave my offerings I closed my eyes and stilled my mind for a few moments. I had flash of a vision of the holy kins standing together as a group might for a photo. they were all smiling and the Dagda was lifting a Hirlas. The funny part is that I saw them all as cartoons! Regardless it left me feeling loved and that I sensed they appreciated my offerings and thanksgiving. I closed the ritual in the usual ways and all was done and done and well done.

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