Wednesday, January 12, 2011

things that make you go hmmm.

Today I sat at my personal shrine and performed a simple ritual. I then entered into the two powers meditation. This was all I had intended to do today, but while doing the two powers I decided, not really knowing why, to do another "passing the mists" exercise. Again, in the spirit form, I walked outside to the back yard. Suddenly I stepped in what felt like deep mud and sank to my knees, but was able to quickly step out. I turned to look where I had fallen in, and from that spot arose what can only be described as an earth elemental. This one came to speak with me it would seem. It told me it was the spirit of this place. I took that to mean my back yard, though thinking about it now it could have meant a larger area. The spirit stood about 4 feet tall. It seemed friendly and I asked it a serious of questions. Such as what it could do for me, what it wanted in return, what it's rank was among other spirits here. It didn't seem to have a "rank" per say. I did get it's name, or at least it gave me a name. Giz-leth is what I got. Not sure if it means anything to anyone. Once the audience was over I returned to myself and came out of the spirit-walk.

Several hours later, I got a call from the job that I applied for a few weeks back just before new years eve. I haven't heard from them for two weeks. They had told us if we got a job they'd call us the next day. We'll I never got a call. So here I am on the phone with one of the owners and she's asking me if I can come in...TODAY! As if I have been working there for this whole time. It was weird. I told her that I couldn't. That since I hadn't heard from them, I assumed I hadn't gotten the job, and I had just been accepted into the CnA program, thus I wouldn't be able to work for them. I can't hep but think that the holy kindred had a hand in this. Perhaps they were guiding me in the right direction, that they wanted me in the CnA program and not this job. I was pretty upset when I didn't get a call back at the time. I had tried really hard not to be, I had tried to trust in the holy kindred and the fates that I wasn't supposed to get that job, but in the end I was just plane old upset. Now I have a different perspective of course. Now what I see is that the CnA class will move me closer to my over all goal of becoming a R.N., where as the Driving job would not. The CnA class won't help me make money right now, but will give me a higher paying job then the driving job would, though later down the road a bit.

In the end it's all just things that make me go Hmmmm.

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