Monday, July 18, 2011

Summoning earth...check!

The air was warm and pleasent. The darkness around me like a comforting hand. The wind was a gentle breeze, perfect to keep the fire burning hot. The noise level was acceptably quiet and still, a small blessing when you live in an urban environment.
All was in readiness for the ritual of creating the summoning earth. I had to make a few changes to the recipie though. Due to the climate I live in getting my hands on Rowan and Hazel is impossible. Two woods needed for the ritual. Oak I had, but not the other two. As the purpose of the woods is to add thier Bua to the summoning earth, I thearized that I could get the same effect with using their Ogham coralations. I lit the fire. The dried pine needles went up in a "whoosh". The oak caught quickly. As the fire's life grew stronger, I placed the Ogham few's in it. Then I place the herbs. When all was placed I began the chanting. "A teine gealach"
"A teine Or"
"A teine dearg"
"A teine mor"
"A teine naomh, bigi anseo liom!"

I read the chant at first, until it became memorized. Slowly the chant became less mechanical and began to flow from me like water. I felt my mind sink into trance. My eyes closed. I held the vision in my head and could hear the nine chanting with me...or was it me with them? I am no singer by any means, but in time the chant came out as song. I am not sure how long I was chanting/singing when I suddenly felt a presence behind me and to my right. I can't explain how I knew. It's like those times your sure some one is watching you, only more that they are standing there as well. I turned and looked but of course didn't see anything. I could just feel them. I came in and out of trance as things distracted me. Loud cars, the neighbor putzing around his back yard, but that feeling of some thing or some one being there near me watching me never went away. I found it a bit un-nerving. None the less I kept on with the chanting. Two and a half hours worth untill the fire died and the embers were only the faintest of glowing. I had to get up early the next morning for a long trip, so I called it good. In the morning while every one was still asleep, I scooped up the cooled ashes and completed the ritual adding nine drops of my blood and two handfuls of grave yard dirt.
Done and done and well done.

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