Monday, August 15, 2011

Ready...set....oh wait.

SO I got Ian's updated book to Druidic spirit arte. In it he has a couple new rituals to do that at allow one to contact the dead, and get a teaching spirit from among the dead, as well as build a shrine to the dead on which to leave offerings, thus strengthening that connection. I haven't done this, and I sense it's some thing I need to do before I do the hosting of the Sidhe. I am in the process of gathering the things I need to do this work.


  1. Without discouraging you, I'd recommend caution on this approach. Necromancy's popular right now, but I've had to clean up a couple clients' attempts at setting up ancestor altars. I think people are borrowing the techniques from hoodoo without necessarily knowing the safety precautions that make it non-toxic. I don't know for sure, maybe my clients just didn't follow the instructions.

    I'd research a lot of different traditions' perspectives on necromancy though before jumping in. Unlike chaos magic sigils that just don't do anything if you screw up, you have real ghosts haunting you when you screw up necromancy. Kids see demon faces and have terrible dreams (happened to a client), or your pets go insane (happened to my uncle), or you've got poltergeist activity or hear psychotic thoughts, or even worse, they attach to you like a Larvae spirit of ancient Rome, leaving you lethargic, depressed, anxious, and filled with despair. If that happens, you just don't even feel like getting better.

    So yeah, by all means establish communications with your ancestors, I've seen it work out great for a few people, but watch out for signs of negative side effects. Make sure you've got a strong relationship with whatever deities of the underworld your tradition observes.

  2. Thank you for the heads up RO. I will/ and am as careful as I can be. As I stated I am working from Ian Corrigan's work, which is based off of Jason's tech. I trust Ian's work, and Jasons. I will be sure to keep my eyes and ears open for any of the warning signs you gave me.