Thursday, December 22, 2011


Ah..a winter solstice ritual. Nothing major, just my three other protogrove mates and myself, all working together in practiced harmony doing a basic ADF ritual of blessing. No scripted lines, just the four of us speaking from the heart as inspiration fills us. My grove mates were fantastic, everything went great till about the time I am going to drink in the blessing and I have the sudden realization that...I FORGOT TO BLINKING OPEN THE BLINKING GATES!!! and sadly the only small bit of consolation I had was in thinking that none of the others noticed either! doh! does one forget that?! It's only a key part of the ritual. Apparently the fairies made off with my brain. I have been doing this ritual format for a year now, I'd think I'd freekin' have it down by now. Well the nice thing about living in CA is I can make like the kid in the picture. ;) now...where is the nearest Palm tree...


  1. Hun, I hate to tell you this, but even if you had been doing this once a week for 10 years, you're still going to flub it on occasion.

    It's called Great Stories in the Making - Hilarity at Your Expense. Or something.

    Happy Yule, friend!

  2. My coven at the time was once a third into the ritual, including asperging the circle, when we realized there was no water in the bowl. DUH