Monday, July 23, 2012

Ablution of the young woman's soul.

So to continue with the spirit work that I talked about last post…the woman who was the subject has chosen to come to me and ask for some spiritual and magical help.  In her words she says that she has tried to commune with the goddess, but seems to need more.  We sat down together and have come up with a multipart ritual.  The first part of this ritual will be about making Priacular offerings for breaking of the vows she made, and hoping to again get into the good graces of the Kindred.  The second part of the ritual will be a ritual to act out the spiritual cutting of the handfasting.  Lastly will be a cleansing of her with the sacred waters of the well, the waters of the deep, and smudging with incense and the sacred fire.  I have done Ogham readings to get an idea of what the kindred want in the way of offerings as well as to the correctness of this ritual.  All signs seem to point me to carry on.  For a verity of reasons I have chosen not to relate to the young woman what I experienced on my spirit walk.  I assess that she’s already under a lot of stress and pressure with all that’s going on.  I see no value to adding to it by telling her that I think there is a malicious spirit attached to her.  I also have my own fears, mostly I don’t want to come off as seeming “crazy” or to “out there.”  I do believe that the working we have come up with will do the job and rid her of the nasty around her.  If not…I’ll do something more.  Ritual is set for this Thursday. 

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