Friday, February 14, 2014

More Walk, Less Talk

               I have learned something about myself and my spiritual path of late.  I am a “doer” more than I am a “thinker”.  I do Druidry and sorcery rather than think, write, or pontificate about nature, druidry and the holy kindred.  Recently I have noticed several of the other bloggers I enjoy reading, people who are far superior writers and maybe even better thinkers then I, going on and on about Anthropomorphism and the nature of the gods.  Frankly I am board of it.  Though I understand the idea that they are trying to “dig deeper” and come to some sort of better understanding, I can’t help but feel they would be much better off stepping away from their computers and spending time sitting under a tree and actually practicing.  Not saying they don’t mind you.  It just feels to me like they are spinning their wheels like a hamster in its cage.  Lots of work and energy spent, but never really leading anywhere.  I don’t see how it will make them a better person or strengthen their connection to the kindred, nature, or even bring them enlightenment.  In my way of Druidry one is better served by doing the work and experiencing the kindred and nature then by just reading and thinking about it. 
                This has come up personally in my fledgling Protogrove.  We have grown in membership significantly over the last year, however, very few of them are actually DOING the work.  They are not meditating regularly, or doing the two powers exercise.  They don’t spend time in nature or at their shrines (if they even have one).  They show up almost every week at the Dedicant’s class I teach each week and they are mostly happy to help out and participate in the high day rites.  So what then is the message?  To me it tells me they are happy to talk the talk, but when it comes to the walk…well they only want to show up and play their part at the high-day. The actual day to day work, that I feel where the real work and growth and meaning of Druidry is found is just not in them.  Personally, I am ok with that for them.  It’s their choice.  However Druidry is a religion of doing, and you get out of it what you put into it.  A few of the “new” members of the protogrove are starting to drift away.  It is not unexpected.  ADF isn’t for everyone, and though people are often enamored with the idea of being a Druid, they really can’t be bothered to place one foot in front of the other and do the work.  Make no mistake, hard work it is. 
                I am not a great writer, or an amazing thinker.  I am a doer, and I lead from the front.  I do the work of a Druid Priest and sorcerer every day.  I then write about my experiences here on this blog in the hopes it will help others and as a journal of my travels.  So you won’t find large complex philosophical ideas that are wonderfully or beautifully typed out.  You will find me doing my best to express the experiences I have and some thoughts surrounding them upon my path of Druidry.  Look not to these pages to find me, but to the river’s edge under the trees, three sticks of incense burning. 

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