Friday, February 12, 2010

the power of myth: an example

spring comes early where I live. I chose to forgo my usual meditation and circle of protection to tend my yard and plant the last of the house warming plants we received. Growing up I never took much interest in plants or my father's bountiful vegetable garden. I was FORCED to pull weeds or plant things. I did not care to help my mother water her indoor plants either. Plants were always all around. Now as an adult living in a very arid part of the country, I have come to realize the value of plants and trees in ways I never did before. I took great joy and satisfaction working in the dirt again. I found myself talking to the trees and bushes. I was distraught to find that some six legged varmint has been feasting like a glutton on my Basil! perhaps the most special moment was when I planted the Pomegranate next to the pond. It's a four year old tree and I am told supposed to produce fruit this year. A couple months back a small woman of Asian descent came to the pagan meetup group I facilitate. She had emailed me a few times before coming to try and feel us out. She was so shy she practically collapsed into herself sitting there. I don't think she spoke a word the entire first meeting, but afterwords came and spoke with me a bit one on one. Over the last few months I have had the pleasure and honor of watching this woman "emerge" from her hiding place deep within herself. Like the oak seed that finally sprouts and pushes it's little head through the soil and into daylight. Not long ago the group was discussing the goddess Persephone. Unknown to me at the time, this story, which she was hearing for the first time struck her deeply. Perhaps deeper then any of us will ever fully understand. She chose to show her gratitude for sharing the story in a way that left me touched and a bit speechless. She gave to me a pomegranate tree. When I look at this tree in its dormancy and I think of the little shy woman I first met. I don't think people would recognize her any more. She now smiles brightly and speaks loudly. Her eye has a sparkle like sun off sterling silver. She has found joy and friendship. Yes she still has challenges in her life, but she is no longer alone. Magick has found her. I only hope that my little tree will spring to life as well as the little woman who gave it to me.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this little bit of insight. I didnt discover your blog until February 28