Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This past Saturday, my beloved and I became husband and wife. I have to say it feels so good! That catches me off guard a bit. I have been living with this amazing woman for almost three years now (It wasn't supposed to last more then a few months according to my ex wife. ;-)) and I didn't expect things to feel different, yet they do. Perhaps it was the spell put on the rings we now wear or perhaps it's just me, but I can't help but feel different. Some how more complete and content. There is a rightness to it I just can't put into words easily. The whole thing was in its way both simple and yet very complicated. We have been planning the wedding for a year and a half. It was by no means a mega expensive affair, and yet it was the wedding of my dreams. It was very much a wedding of the "tribe". I don't think we had a single friend who didn't play at least some small part in the event. What's more people WANTED to help. They came to us asking! It was a magical event for sure. My hospitality to my parents and children was well received. The ritual itself was as my very neo-pagan with some elements thrown in from the OBOD marriage ceremony. It seems every one had a great time and truly enjoyed the revelries.
The ritual included our children from previous marriages as well as we saw this not just as the marriage of two people, but of two families coming together. Vows were traded to the children as well.
Today life goes on as normal as we get back into the grove. The same yet different.
p.s. and yes the picture above is of myself and my bride.


  1. How wonderful! May you have a long and happy life together. Congratulations.

  2. Many many blessings upon and your glorious priestess of the sea. Much love brother man!