Monday, June 28, 2010

Three cauldrons

Walking both the paths of the AODA and OBOD has kept me a very busy man the past year. I needed a break from it all for a while, but now I am refreshed and ready to plow back into my work. I started by doing the three cauldrons exercise in JMG's book of druid magick. The purpose of this exercise as I understand it is to create reservoirs of Nwyvre in the body. These are used for health, enlightenment and more powerful magick. One doesn't just start off doing the three cauldrons either. I have worked up to it. I started by working with the Telluric and solar currents. I have been working with them, that is, bringing them into my body and circulating them around daily for about 9 months. The cauldrons are places in the body where you can have reserves of these energies, combine them into the lunar current and store that as well. I carried out the ritual as per JMG's system. The energies flowing into me were intense. Far more so then anything I felt with my Taoist work of long ago. I can almost feel the cauldrons as physical things within me. I can really feel the difference between the three energy types, and yet, can't seem to find the words to describe them. It really is something that has to be experienced to be understood. Like a sunset, or a water fall deep in the quiet woods. No matter the words, its essence is inexplicable.
After the initial awakening of the cauldrons, there is the daily work. This has felt so good I can understand why it could become almost an addiction. Though I don't know if it's possible to do it to much or to often. I might have to ask the archdruid about that.

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