Monday, April 11, 2011

Meditation journal #9

never, ever try and meditate after ingesting a lot of caffine. Not a good time. Mostly a waist of time. I woke up the other morning with a Migrain coming on. I took some Excedrine Migrain medicine that is loaded with caffine. For many people I suppose they wouldn't notice as thier body is allready used to high doses of caffine. I, however, tend to avoid caffine in my diet so when I do get a high dose it really get all twittery, jumpy, and all around restless. Trying to meditate under these conditions was to much for me, and I cut it short.

Aside from the above, my meditations continue with regularity. I have done the earth mother working only twice so far. I had intended to do it more. Certain realities of my new work as a CNA in a long term care facility have hit home, and have me feeling down and I strugle with the quality of care I want to give vs. the quality of care I am able to give due to being forced to care for to many residents. I am hoping that meditation will help me cope with this stressor.

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