Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meditation journal; entry 10?

So I was doing my daily devotionals a little bit ago, followed by the two powers meditation. My work as a CNA really tires me out, especially the end of day 3. The two powers meditation helps to restore those energy levels. I realized however that when I inhale the energy flows in, and when I exhale that same energy was flowing back out again. Though it helped me feel connected to the universe, my total net gain of energy was 0, zilch, nada! This should have been a no brainer to me long ago. I have done many such energy meditations in the past and always to keep the energy[ one must consciously hold onto it with the will to prevent it from flowing out when a person exhales. So I did...and I felt my energy levels build and build and build and build until I felt I couldn't take any more. Then when I ended the rite, I let all that energy flow out of me with the intent that it was an offering to Brigid in thanks for the good day I had at work. Hope she liked it! ;)

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