Friday, June 24, 2011

Sit back and watch her flail

So it's been a couple months since my ex has done anything to try and "get to me". which means it should come as no surprise that she drop the shoe today. I have been in negotiation with her to have my kids stay with me for a couple weeks. When all is lined up, she decides to tell me that she refuses to send any clothes with them, and that I'll have to provide clothes myself. In the past, I am sure this tactic would have upset me emotionally. Today, after years of learning, and many hours of druidic mental training it doesn't. In fact I have no reaction to it all except for a mild "bemusement". After all this time she still flails in her anger and rage to try and lash out at me in passive aggressive ways.

It's sad really. I see her filled with such venom and anger and hate and poison. She doesn't even see it. She thinks she's better then most everyone else. She doesn't understand that she's filled with hate and anger. Thus, she'll never get better. She'll always push people away, live in loneliness and darkness and void of love and friendship. Yes very sad. Perhaps some day she'll wake up and see the nothingness, but I am not holding my breath.

I am writing about all this not to "bag" on the ex, but to point out to my dear readers that I believe my daily meditations, and spiritual work and awakenings I have had upon the druid path that have gotten me to the point where the ex's antics no longer effect me on an emotional level. At least not today. This is no more then a last minuet logistics problem to solve. The solution has come in waves of love and giving from my pagan "Framily". A simple post on good old FaceBook and those that have extra clothes or hand me downs are offering their aid. I suspect we'll have more then we need.

So, reader, if your struggling with a person or an issue, I will tell you, keep up the path. Do the daily meditations and devotionals. Learn to spirit-walk, and in time you will see your way clear of the emotional upheavals. You will see the "big Picture" and the small stuff won't throw you. Let go of your anger and hurt, and let the love of the gods, spirits, and mighty dead come flooding in. Then you can sit back and watch 'em flail.


  1. This is compassion in true form. A sign of some attainment for sure :-)

  2. Thank you for this post, it has come at a good time for me to remember to be more 'mindful' of these things

  3. I have a special soapbox for topics like this. What good is all your "magic" if you're benefiting from it? I have also been right where you are with my ex. Congradulations, you have just performed one of the most difficult acts of magic there is! Blessings my brother.