Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A little update as to what else I have been up to

             Well I have started my 3rd semester of nursing school, and I get the sense that It’s not going to be near as crazy stressful as last semester.  However this does mean that my posts will be sporadic at best.  I have not been idle over the summer however, when it comes to my studies in Druidry and working toward my Ordination.  I spent the summer working hard on ADF’s Preliminary clergy training program.  This has Included classes on Law regarding religious organizations, cosmology, liturgy, the structure of ADF, and Indo-European studies.  I have finished them all except for Indo-European Mythology.  I am currently doing the reading for this meaty topic.  I had hoped and tried to finish the whole training before school started, but that just didn’t happen.  I will now read and write as school allows, but school is my main priority. 

                After many years of looking I think I may have found an acceptable spot that Cottonwood River can use to hold rituals in a natural setting.  A county park, that we can reserve that has a fire ring.  It’s $50.00 for a day use.  I am going to send in the paperwork today and we’ll see.  The ritual will be on September 15th this year.  I would have preferred the 22nd, however that is the date of our local Pagan Pride, and I did not want the two to clash.  It is a small community of pagans after all, and they can’t be in two places at once.   I asked for some input for a theme from the other members of the Protogrove, but didn’t get any response.  There is always the old standby of a thanksgiving, but after years of that, I was hoping to see if there was some other similar but a little different we could use.  I will keep tumbling it around in my head, maybe bounce it off a few others and see what ideas shake loose. 

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