Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nursing school...not for the weak of mind

This blog has been silent for a long time.  I started this blog as a place to publicly share my experiences with Druidry and as a journal for my inner journey on this path.  As readers will know, I am currently in a nursing school, and this is taking not only all my time, but everything I can through at it mentally, physically, and spiritually.  It is my spirituality and faith in the holy kindred that get me through day to day.  I have done some difficult things in my time, but Nursing school tops them all. I have gone from a straight “A” student with time left over to run a pagan spiritual meetup weekly, my local grove and leading the high day rites, to studying 6 hours a day for a test only to get a “B”.   I have had to cancel the last high day right and have no plans to lead another until the winter solstice when I am on break from classes.  What I am doing is my daily meditation and daily offerings to the kindred.  I am also struggling with one of my instructors, it would seem she hasn’t taken much a like to me and on the last major paper appeared to actively be trying to find reasons to fail me on it (which she did.).  I also am beginning to suspect that some of the “vibe” I am picking up from her is religious in nature.  I suspect she has at some level an issue  with my being pagan. Thus I responded with a small bit of magic of my own in the hopes she will see me in a better light.  My studies on my clergy training have been put on hold for the time being, but I am only one essay away from finishing my preliminary work.   I plan to finish this up over the winter break.  I haven’t made the time to do any major workings or spirit-walks of late.  This is something I hope to change over the coming break as well.  I miss my weekly meetings, and I miss leading the high day rites.  I never realized till now how much I enjoyed it all, until I couldn’t make the time. 

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