Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Cup, the Harp, and the Hammer #7--audience with the high one

I stood and took a deep breath.  In slow and out slow, letting my mind settle to a quiet state.  All was in readiness for the work.  The fire was lit, the well was filled.  My offerings laid out in order of need and use on the white cloth laid upon the ground.  The sky was clear and the stars twinkled brightly in the mild winter night.  Slat draoi in hand I began the ritual that would bring me into audience with the Brigid the high one.  The practiced words spilled fourth smoothly  and I felt myself begin the change in mental state that would take me to a light trance.  The fire and well were blessed, the Nemeton made whole and holy.  Manannan was offered too and the gates were opened.  I took a moment and again took a long deep breath letting my thoughts and focus gather, then, from my soul I called to my allies among the dead, the sidhe and the gods to aid me in this working.  I felt them draw near.  Taking up the book I began the chant that would draw Brigid’s attention to my fire.  At this point the initial rush of the fire had died down to hot embers.  Not wanting to lose my trance I left it as it was and choose not to try to stoke it.  I placed each of the offerings in the hot coals and repeated the sacred chant with each.  When all was given, I keep up the chant and felt the goddess draw nearer, or perhaps it was just her attention, whatever it was, I knew she was “with” me.  The fire suddenly sprang back to open flame.  I chose to take this as confirmation that she took the offerings, and was indeed present.  I then invoked her purification of water, and the blessing of fire.  This left me feeling as if my spirit had just had a breath-mint.  I felt tingly, clean, and yet empowered.  I felt much of the psychic “gunk” I had acquired over the past few months flushed away.  I felt clean and renewed.  I also felt empowered again as her flame took in my head, heart, and loins. 

                We spoke of many things.  We spoke of inspiration, and magic, of matronage, and instructions of where she would have me take my magical style.  Agreements were made, and she granted me her blessing in convoking the spirits of her court, and yet that it was not to be my main focus of magic.  She told me a guide would be sent to me.  The meeting was then over on her word, and in that ending somehow she gave me a sense of her vast power. 

                Coming out of what had become a very deep trance state I closed the ritual with offerings of thanks to Brigit and to all my allies. I had trouble standing at first as all the feeling had escaped from my left leg, as is apt to happen when I sit cross legged for prolong periods of time. The fact that I had not noticed it going numb, and had no sense of how much time had passed was a good indication of just how deep my trance had been.  The ritual was then ended in the usual way.  When all was packed up I stood a while just staring into the now healthy fire, letting the magical and psychic repercussions slowly settle in.  When I was ready, I picked up my supplies, turned, and walked into the house. 

                In the night as I slept I had many dreams of a magical nature.  Some I remember some I don’t. This morning while doing my usual meditation and two powers exercise, I found the energy turned up, dare I say, amped up…way up.  I felt as if I was humming with power. I did not find it frightening nor painful.  I simple was able to hold and deal with more of it than ever before.   Step one is complete, now I will prepare for the second rite, convoking the three queens. 

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