Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Cup, the Harp, and the Hammer #6

As of today I have finished the nine days of devotionals to Bridgit in preparation for convocations.  I am currently preparing for the first of three rites.  This first one is about meeting with the Goddess herself and gaining her blessing.  My plan was to do the ritual tomorrow night, however, I am still waiting for some of the offerings needed to arrive in the mail.  Specifically the pieces of bronze I ordered.  I also need some iron and silver, but these are generally easier to come by.  Since my last post I haven’t noticed any changes within me, and my meditations have been uneventful, but satisfactory. 
                Also as of today I have finished my 3rd semester of nursing school.  This frees up time that will now put to use on my clergy training, Winter solstice ritual crafting, and of course on the Convocation of the court of Bridgit.  In Mid January I will begin my 4th and final semester of nursing school.

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