Friday, November 30, 2012

The Cup, the harp, and the Hammer--compassion

Day four of my daily devotionals, and the meditation was back to being a still image of the high one seated in her throne.  I have noticed that since I started these devotionals I am feeling much more compassionate than usual.  It’s a nice feeling.  Some examples of what I am referring too would be the woman at the gas station, wearing angry bird pajama bottoms, old tennis shoes, a dirty white old winter jacket and a burger king crown on her head.  She was going from customer begging for change.  I felt a wave of compassion for her.  Another example would be the other day when my b’loved was being very critical of how another woman dressed at a party we had been to.  Though I could see the point my b’loved was making I couldn’t help but feel compassion for the woman, who ‘s clothing choice, though uncouth, wasn’t so bad as to deserve such derision.  (to cleaify the woman was not known to us nor around when the conversation took place)   In the past these are situations that probably wouldn’t have elicited much of an emotional response from me.  This week however I found myself wishing there was something I could do to benefit them.  I can only attribute the change to the devotional work I am doing.  Compassion is a great thing to have.  However like all emotions it needs to be in moderation.  I am curious to see if this new found compassion is some sort of “rebalancing” the goddess is giving to me, that I am regaining the compassion I lost, or is it a new thing entirely.  Right now I think it’s a rebalancing, or re finding an aspect of the person I was before my now ex wife slowly stole it away. 

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