Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Cup, the Harp, and the Hammer #4

This morning found me in front of my shrine for day 2 of the Bridget devotionals.   The rite was the same as the day before.  This time though when I was visualizing the image of the goddess, she was sitting on a throne as before,  but the throne began to spin in a circle slowly.  I tried to hold the image still in my mind, but couldn’t seem to be able to.  It “insisted” on turning.  I kept trying to hold it still, but this then caused the image to change so that the goddess disappeared and all I saw was an empty throne…which still insisted on spinning around slowly.  When I stopped trying to hold it still in my mind, the image of the goddess returned.  What else could I do, I simply focused on this image of the goddess in her rotating throne. I am not sure how long I worked with this imagery, but I know that about 30 minuets passed from the time I started the work to the time I left my shrine and went into the kitchen to make myself some breakfast. 


  1. Just a stupid question... Why didn't you spin with her ?
    There might have been something interesting in the place that was out of you line of "sight".

  2. Hail Hanshishiro! It's not a stupid question at all. I don't believe in stupid questions, lazy ones, but not stupid. In truth I found this question very insightful. The answer: I simply never thought to. It just didn't occure to me. Perhaps because with these current devotionals and meditations it is MY imagination that is creating the image which to me is different then when I am doing a spirit walk. So in these visions all is blackness except for the image of the goddess. Interestingly when I did it this time I could not seem to control the rotation of the image. My subconscious? Intervention of the Goddess herself or some other spirit? ::shrugs::