Tuesday, January 5, 2010

recharging the druid staff

This morning I did some enchanting. I re-dedicated my druid staff. It felt good to work with the elemenal energies and the spirit in this way as it's been some time since I have done this sort of working. Now that it's done I feel almost as if the energies had grown stagnant with in me, but I was unaware of it. It occurs to me that perhaps I need to do such energy intesive works more often to keep the stagnation from happening and to keep me in good energetic shape. In the working I was given the name of my staff. Sorry can't share it. Also in the working I could see a subtle auric body begin to eminate from the staff. I am betting that in time with use, that aura will grow. At the end of the working I did the body of light exercise. Nothing special there, but it does still feel good. I did an Ogham reading agian and well, it was a more posative reading it seems I'll have some sort of struggle ahead of me today that requires decisive action.

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