Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The last few days my b'loved has suffered from a nasty ear infection. Yes it was silly of her to ignore it for so long. Last night her spirits were very low and she was tired of the uncomfortable pain and lack of energy as her body did it's best to wage war on the invasion. Though I had offered to do healing work several times she finally asked for it. So I set up and did a formal druid grove and spell to heal her ear. It was a bit spur of the moment for me, and I felt that I made a number of "mistakes". To top it all off, for some reason I couldn't get into a spirit-walk at end. Despite all this it seems that the spell portion of the work succeeded. Though it wasn't a miraculous recovery, she quickly started to feel better, most notably though I could feel her spirit strengthen again as if it had rallied itself. Immediately after the work she reported feeling much more relaxed. Then I noticed she seemed more energetic and happier. After about an hour she reported that her pain was much less and she felt better. This morning she went back to work after being off for two days. Not sure what more confirmation of a successful healing I could ask for. I do love it when a spell comes together.


  1. "I love it when a spell comes together." Kudos for the A-Team reference!

    Is it a guy thing to tell women they're silly for not taking care of their sicknesses sooner? My wife points out to me that I'm "mean" to her when she's sick, and I've noticed a pattern among my friends where the guy thinks the woman is somehow to blame for getting sick. Some guys just focus on how the ladies should have done more to take care of their illness. Yours is like the third mention I've seen publicly or privately, so thought I'd ask.

  2. Actually R.O. I think it's more often the other way around. After being a massage therapist for 11 years I have found usually its men who put off taking care of their bodies. We are raised to be "tough" and "strong" and to just "walk it off". We are taught to ignore it and it will go away. I can't coun't the times my own dad, who is a Md. said "don't worry, it's to far from your heart to kill ya." Of course he was trying to be funny and it was, and being tough is important, but to me being tough is having pain and discomfort and doing what needs to be done anyway. Being stupid is just assuming the pain is nothing and will resolve itself and ignoring it. (oh and for the record, I never told her she was silly for not going sooner, I thought it, but I didn't say it!)