Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blood from a stone part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, my ex has decided to renig on our agreement and to come after me for more money of which she well knows I don't have. The timing of this change of heart fall suspiciously upon the heals of my informing her of my pending Marriage to another. I had been putting off telling my Ex of the arrangement for fear of this sort of retaliation. My spiritual and Magical practice has been a huge part of getting through this. When I was first made aware of her action against me, I spent a lot of time in communion with the holy kindred (ancestors, spirits and the gods). With the inspiration I gained there I was able to secure aid from my parents in this matter. However I hope to only make use of it if all other negotiations fail. Once I had settled from the initial shock and anger, I came up with this magickal strategy. First I would banish the negative energies she has direct at me on the dark moon. Then I would follow that with the creation of magical sigils to protect and enhance my finances. For the banishment I decided to call upon each of the four elements to cleans and banish. I did this in the physical world by using four different herbs of banishment and combined one of each with an elemental representation. Wormwood with some dirt for earth, Ceder used as incense for air, Mugwart mixed in a candle for fire, and basil in water for water. I then "smudged" my love and myself in each of the physical elements. For the help of the divine, I called upon the god Lugh and the goddess Bridget. Before the ritual, I had called upon the element of air to help me write a letter to my Ex explaining my situation. I then brought the letter into the ritual with me and asked for the blessings upon it and for success in it's mission. I then sent the "letter" in the form of an email. I performed this ritual outdoors. After the ritual I immediately felt as if a weight had been lifted off my heart.

I began the second part of the spell work last night. In this I took a dollar bill and cut it up. I took two squares of it and drew upon them a sigil made up of the rune Fehu surrounded by a circle and from that eight rays, one for each station of the wheel of the year. I then turned each ray into an Ogham. I did four for Oak, and four for Iron. I then placed them on my alter and sanctified and "charged" them. I will do this three times over a period of three days as the moon waxes. After the third time, the sigils will be placed in my wallet and that of my Love's.


  1. Poor dollar!

    You heretic, blaspheeeeeemer!

    I was going to burn some cash and put it in bune's spirit pot once, and I just couldn't bring myself to do that with money. I love the money. Poor money, I won't burn you.

    I just left it near his pot for a while, and then spent it. I figure he got out of it whatever he needed, and every time that cash changes hands, it's his money that gets spent, saved, or whatever. He can draw whatever he wants from that exchange process.

  2. It's ok! I made the money into art! That makes it all good right?....right?