Sunday, April 18, 2010

eating the anger out, a spirit-walk

My spell is complete. Now we wait and see how things fall. I had a very powerful spirit-walk the other day. In it, my four spirit animal guides worked me over to do as I asked, to help rid me of the anger I felt toward my Ex and the actions she is taking against me and my fiance`. In the walk, Stag held me down with his antlers. Eagle tore me open with a single claw from navel to base of my neck. Fox then came and using his teeth ripped out the anger and resentment and all that. He then tossed it to Salmon who took it down into a lake. I then was swallowed by the earth. I was comforted and healing took place. I was then pushed up to the surface, whole and healed. It was a somewhat disturbing experiance, but the results have been worth it. I am again at peace within.

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