Friday, April 23, 2010

some days are better then others

Well, haven't been able to post as much as I would like. School, work, and chores keep me pretty busy. I am still working on the anger I feel toward my ex. Some days are better then others in that regards. The Ex has gone on a trip out of the country with the kids to see family, so I haven't been able to speak to her at all, and thus no resolution. I am pretty much stuck in the same place I was a couple weeks ago. The other day the stress of it all made me down right grouchy on the inside, but it seems I did a good job of not letting it play out in my relationships. I did the sacred grove exercise and the light body. Instead of doing it the usual way though, I tried to take the anger and "burn" it up as a "fuel" to the light in the light body exercises. I think this helped a little, and I should continue with the practice. I have noticed that I am dreaming a lot about my Ex, and this situation. Each time I am arguing with her over it. I don't normally remember my dreams, but when I do I pay attention. I think that these however are just my subconscious mind working out its own form of cognative disonence. Since I can't find resolution in the waking world, my mind is trying to create it in the dream world. Yesterday I felt the heavy weight of the issues on me. Today, I feel much lighter and happier. Not care free, but much better. I guess for now at least, I must wait until the ex returns from her trip and take it from there. Until then I think I'll go enjoy my garden and grove.


  1. You'll survive. It's just stepping through the mine fields between here and there that sucks.

    You'll get past it the same way POS did with his crap. Be sure to reclaim the portion of your awareness that's worrying when this issue passes, otherwise it just finds something else to worry over. That's something I really need to do myself.

    POS did a lot of magic to cure his issues, a tactic you've already embraced. I think Druidry has a rich chthonic heritage, doesn't it? Maybe when your ex returns, you can do a chthonic rite to eliminate her negative impact on your life permanently. Like burying her in a hidden cave. That's magic, right? :D

  2. Gwynt,

    I have a little bit of tithe left over for some money I just made, and I'd like to help you out with it... I don't see an e-mail address for you though. Do you have one somewhere?


  3. Thank you R.O. Your humor puts a smile on my face! Alex your offer is very kind, but I will humbly decline.