Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last night I "leveled up". I am currently working the Druidic magic system created by John Michael Greer. I have had great results with it thus far. I have memorized and am well practiced at what is called the circle of protection, and elemental cross. Last night I took my magic to the next level be learning to summon the Telluric currents. These are the currents that come up from the center of mother earth. There is also a Solar current. This of course comes from the sun and stars. I am to summon that current next weekend. They are done a week apart. Though I have often worked with these energies in the past as Yin and Yang, I have never felt it so strongly as I did last night. The Telluric current truly flowed through me from my feet through every cell and out of me like a fountain. It was exhilarating to say the least! The work was done at midnight as that is when the Telluric current is at the height of its natural daily cycle. When I was done I had trouble getting to sleep as I felt so alive! This morning when I was doing my daily circle of protection and meditation, I felt more "powerful" and felt the elements respond with much more vigor then before. My meditation was on the Ogham few of Nuin. It s a few of connection, communication and magic. I can't say that I had any major break throughs with that today. Later though, I got to help a good friend with a spirit walk into the spirit world. He was coming to me to for help with an issue of staying calm when dealing with people at work who aren't doing things as instructed. I have never worked with any one for this sort of issue. In the past it has been helping with an illness, or needing a soul retrieval or power animal totem. Because I know this friend is very magically adept I was certain it wasn't going to be a thought form coming home to roost, or a spiritual entity. This was an issue he has worked with for some time. I set up for the spirit walk and my friend laid his head in my lap. I took up the rattle and began the process of going to the spirit world. I walked along the forest path that leads to the cave. I then walked through the cave. I walk toward the light on the other end. Once there I step out into the middle world. I go to my grove and call to my spirit guides. Stag comes as is so often the case. He's my main totem. I told him why I had come. He took me on a path up a wooded hill side. After a time there was a shift as my shadow self took the deer form and the woods went from lush green to a charred black forest devastated by fire. After walking for some time, we came to a tall cage. Locked inside was my friends shadow self. I was then given directions what he needed to do. In essence, he needs to come to terms with his shadow self. He tries hard to keep parts of it locked away, but doing thus is like keeping a dog in a kennel all the time. when it gets out it runs amok. When certain situation happens it frees his shadow self that has been locked away and it then runs amok with him and expresses as anger, though I suspect it is more about fear and resentment. I was also told to give him my obsidian. I did. I gave him an exercise where in a month or two he will be ready to summon up his shadow self, and hopeful sit and talk with it. If they can come to terms, reach an agreement where the shadow self will let the light self run things, the light self won't keep the shadow locked in a cage. The cage had two locks on it. I found a key resting in my hand, and I unlocked one of them. I was told that he had to do the other himself. So there it is. Time will tell the rest of the story.
After the spirit-walk, I did two hours of massage. Yes, it's been a busy, but very fulfilling day.


  1. Hi Gwynt, found your blog through Frater POS'. I am also doing JMG's Druid Magic Handbook and have had both success and confusion.

    Very nice to find your blog, as you are the first person I've found on the Internet working the above system.

    I wish you luck. Write lots of posts! :)

  2. HI Fire! I'll do my best to keep writing. I hope that my writings will give you ideas and perhaps clear things up for you.
    yours under the desert Oaks,