Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spirit above, spirit below, spirit all around

It seems interesting to me that in the last few days many of my friends have become in need of healing. Bad backs, turned ankles, internal organ funky-ness, or just plain old sore from exercise. So I thought it was time for some spell work to help them out as best I can. I grabbed up my new insence bowl, (the last one was yet another victome of the spirit of the dancing bear.) my staff of myrtal, and my favorite mix of herbs for genral magick work, a sage/cedar/lemongrass mixture. I stepped into the circle and performed the Circle of Protection, then invoked the elements and my spirit guides. I then, with the aid of the elemental spirits, banished all blockages to the successful healing energies I'd send. I then burned my herbal mixture as an offering to my spirit guides in thanks for all that they do and have done, and in the hopes they will aid me this day. I invoked the Telluric currents, that is the current of energy that rises from the center of mother earth. Bringing that energy into me I focused it into the end of my staff and created a thought forms. The thought forms were to go to my friends, deliver the healing energy and then dissapate. I have not done a lot of work like this before. Usually when doing healings I have the client right there with me. I felt pretty good about how things went and so far people are reporting feeling better.
In meditation I pondered the Ogham few Saille. It's associated tree is willow and according to JMG its a few of flexability and response. Its about going with the flow. I came to the conclusion that for the most part its a great way to navigate life, but there are times when we must be strong and firm and immovable like the might oaks. Wisdom is knowing when those times are. In preperation for my ritual in which I will summon forth the Solar currents I was to contemplate spirit above. It was asked, why is spirit up? why is it above, why is heaven in the sky. This confused me for some time as I never thought that spirit was only up/above/or higher than. I have always seen spirit all around. To me spirit, though often depicted as up or above, is in fact all around and in everything. The source of spirit, like all things, is Anwn.


  1. willows prefer a great deal of water & thier roots will go through & into any source of water--streambed, well, or water pipe! so i add to the flexibility persistence, if not determination.

  2. Wow, didn't know that about willows! thank you!