Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who I am, what this is all about.

Hail and welcome!

I am going by the name of Gwynt-Siarad, it's Welsh for wind-talker. I am a Druid. This blog will by my journal in the many adventures I have in Druidry. You can expect to see all sorts of magickal work dealing with journeying, what I like to call spirit-walks, spells, meditations, and anything else I feel is pertinent. So a little about me and my magickal back ground. I grew up in the woods. My best playmates were my two golden retrievers Regal and Shadow. While most of my peers would get home and watch TV, I just walked through my house long enough to drop my books and head out the back door to the woods. While kids talked about sport teams or TV sitcoms, I learned how to I.D. ducks by the sound of thier wing beats. I could track deer, talk to turkeys, elk, and foxes. I knew where the bats slept, and which trees the turkey vulture liked to roost in. The earth, wind, and river talked to me. I often pretended to be the deer, bear, or puma. I argued with Ravens and raced the deer. I grew up, as we all do, and by the time I was in High school, I had a 2nd degree black belt in Tang soo do, was deep into Taoism and Cha'n Buddhism and had a 2nd degree in Reiki and was doing shamanic journies that I had learned from Christina Pratt from "the last mask". Oh and I spoke Portuguese and Japanese as well as English. In college I met the wrong woman for me, and married her. I allowed her to destroy all that I had gained spiritualy. That was a tough 7 years, but that is behind me now. My current Fiance' introduced me to Wicca. I studied that for some time, but it wasn't a perfect fit. I studied Asatru for a few months, but that too wasn't the right fit, then I found Druidry and I felt home. I have been studying druidry officially for about six months now, but in reality I have been studying druidry all my life. Just didn't know it. These have been some of the best days of my life. I hope to share my adventures with you all in the hopes that the wisdom I learn along this path helps you, the reader, in some small or great way.

So enough of that, let the story begin.....

yours under the oaks,



  1. I've read so many of your posts that I feel like I know you. It's refreshing to see someone posting about Druidry who actually knows what they're talking about - not to mention walking the walk.

    I'm a transplant from the deep south to the pacific northwest (Washington), and I find that roaming the mountains and sitting by the ocean aids me on my spiritual journey too.

    I hope to get to know you - and your spiritual path - more as you continue.

    In eternal Love and Light.
    Autumn Treespirit.

  2. Cayleigh...I am touched that you read my posts. I haven't posted in a long while, but that will be remedied soon! I am also glad that you posted to this very first entry of so long ago. It is good to stop and look back along the course of the path I have walked. I hadn't realized just how far I had come. My your heart be filled with love and light, may the kindred know your name.