Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Solar powered druid

Last Friday, I followed up the energetic exercises of calling up the Telluric current by calling down the Solar current. Again the experience was, well pretty amazing. There is a definite difference in how the two energies feel. The solar current felt "lighter" and almost tingly as it ran through my body. More like wind. The Telluric current was "heavy" and sluggish in comparison. It felt more like water as it worked its way up through me. They both felt very powerful or rather made me feel full of power, but in different ways. It's not something that's easy to describe. Thinking on it, the best way to describe them would probably be with poetry. Let me put it this way, when I was full of the Telluric current I felt as if I could heal any wound, or sickness of the body. I felt healthy and physically strong. With the Solar current I felt happy and joyful, and peaceful and calm. I felt as if I could heal any spiritual sickness, give hope and love to all things. I am sure in time I'll come to discover more about these two currents of power. In JMG's book he says that invoking these energies will quickly catalyze changes. I already feel some subtle differences.
Last night was a new and interesting experience for me as well magically speaking. I did a spirit-walk and grounding to help deal with yet another one of my Ex-wife's surprise attacks. After the spirit-walk was over and I was simply sitting and feeling one with the earth, I felt an attack and had the image of a very threatening elemental. It was dealt with. I don't know if it was some sort of manifestation of my Ex-wife's hostility, or perhaps an elemental guardian of some sort. What I do know is that I didn't cast my Circle of Protection before hand like I usually do. I have dealt with hostile spirits in the past, but always in the spirit world, this was very much in this plane. I have read other peoples accounts of such things, and there is a part of me that was always a bit skeptical. Now having had it happen to me, I find that I am still skeptical. Was it real? was it just "in my head" does it matter?

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