Saturday, March 20, 2010

externally speaking...

This week I did very little inner work. I didn't meditate very much. I felt I needed to use the time I would have meditated to work on getting ready for my Chemistry midterm, and building flagpoles for the flags we are going to use at our wedding. I am rather pleased with how they have come out. they are 8 ft. tall with a cross bar on top that is 3 ft. I plan to make bitik cloth banners that will represent each of the elements. I have found working with he wood very cathartic.
In other news I have been watching cliques form and friendships end within the Meetup group. It's an interesting social dynamic. I am the main organizer of the pagan meetup group, and I try to keep things running smoothly without getting overly involved. I believe these things need to play themselves out naturally with only a little "watering" here, and some "weeding" there. Tonight the group had an Ostara celebration. It was well done considering it was only the second time leading a ritual by the couple putting it on. It was improved over the first ritual they did, and I am confident that their work will only get better with practice.

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