Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Getting to know the twins

This week I am working with the inner twins of light and darkness. These two beings are portrayed in the story of Tailisin and his birth as the beautiful daughter of Cerridwin and her ugly son Avagddu, wich means "utter darkness". These two characters represent our light selves and our shadow selves. The idea of working with them is to learn about oneself on a deeper level. It's not about destroying the shadowself, wich really is impossible nor a good idea, but about learning to balance the two selves. Thus we come to live a more peacful and balanced life.

I started working with these two yesterday in a spirit-walk. In this session I only spoke with Avagddu. He appeared as an ugly child with wrinkled like an old man with a flat piggish nose and bad teeth. We talked of some of the events of my past. Times when I had been picked on at in elementary school. We talked about weight issues and how that had affected our self esteem. My parents always criticized my weight, putting me on diets that they never held me to. What's strikes me now as an adult is I look back at pictures of me when I was younger and think, I wasn't over weight at all really. Even in college I looked good, yet the whole while I was living those days, I thought of myself as fat and over weight. Interestingly, I am more out of shape now then I was then, yet I feel much more accepting of myself and my body now then I did back then. Ok back to the spirit-walk... We came to talk about my physical fitness now. Together we decided that it was some thing we could change together and so I did my best to convince him to work with me on that. I wanted to talk more with him, but my session was intereupted by my beautiful step-daughter returning from school.

Later in the evening, my fiance were talking and she suggested I start doing my morning exercises again while she showers in the morning instead of laying in bed. I smiled to myself hearing the words knowing they were coming from spirits. This morning, I did my sit ups and pushups. I plan to steal some more time away from my studies today to go on another spirit-walk to the castle of Cerridwin and speak to her children some more. There is more to discover, more to heal, and more balance and joy to find.

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