Saturday, March 13, 2010

out of the woods they came...

Wow. What a week. It really got rolling on Tuesday for me when, during a test I was conducting for the Anatomy class I am a teacher's aid for, a woman ran out of the alloted time to answer a question threw a huge tantrum when I wouldn't allow her to finish writing her sentence. This incident was remarkable for one main reason to me. The emotional outburst didn't bother me in the slightest. I wasn't mad, or insulted, or hurt, or fearful. I felt...nothing, and yet at the same time I felt a little bit of an adrenalin push by my body in the chance it turned physical. In the past such an outburst and sudden explosion of anger would have upset me greatly. It's just part of being empethetic. However, I attribute this change in my response to the situation to the Circle of Protection exercise I learned from John Michael Greer in his Druid Magic Handbook.
Wednesday didn't get interesting untill that night. I arrived at the place where I hold the pagan meetup meetings. On my drive there, I get a call from a good friend who askes me to help him through some issues with a spirit-walk. I agree and we set an apt. for Saturday. Before I even walk in the door I am being approached by the woman who was the main subject of the two previous posts. She tells me she is doing very well, however her niece, the one who the malicious spirit was sent after in the first place isn't doing as well. I told her I'd look into it. (I sent the young woman an email and got a long response. It seems sincere enough and I am trying to find the time to pursue the situation further.) I walk in the door of the building and I quickly am pulled off to the side by yet another member asking to speak to me for a few min. I say "sure step into my office" and we head to the back. She talks to me of her "issues" and I tell her I'll need some time to contemplate them and get back to her. (which I did the following evening. It seems I was helpful.) We have the meeting and I head home. I am not in the door 2 Min when my phone rings and it is yet another friend needing a compassionate ear. This took up my evening till bed time. At which point my lady love was upset, for it turns out that she too wanted me to help her process some family issues. I was able to feel the furnace of her anger and not take in personaly, and in fact she made a few good points. She calmed down, and we talked a good while and shared some tears.
Thursday. On thursday the woman who had the out burst in class appologized to the teacher for her behavior. Thursday night as I am leaving my chemistry class I get a text from a young woman in the meetup group saying she and her fiance wanted to speak to me in person. I asked what was up and found out that her roommates (other members of the meetup) had asked her to move out of the aprt. they shared. I told her the meeting would have to wait till Friday.
Friday at the meeting all went well. Mostly she just wanted some advice and support as to waht to do. Nothing to hard, and really she was making all the right choices all she wanted was a stamp of approval as it were.
Saturday, I met with my friend today. Though I am not sure what he thought of our meeting, I felt it went really well. I never did end up doing a Spirit-walk. It wasn't needed. Just some good old fashioned spiritual counsel. I hope he will be able to put the suggestions I gave him into practice.
For each of these people who came to me for help, I did an Ogham reading, not for them, but for myself, asking "how can I help this person the most". I must say I found that very valuable input and insight into each person situation. It has done much to put my faith into the information I get from Ogham divinations. I still have to look many of the meaning up in a book. That doesn't seem to detet the insights I gain. I also "heard" my spirit guides as I was listening to my friend speak to me. When I say "hear" or "heard" I don't want my readers to think that I get an actual auditory clue. Its more like an intuitional thought that just jumps into my head. I get the sense that it isn't a thought of my own, yet they are increadably insightful and powerful. As they came, I through them out to my friend in a way that they will make in impact. Like a peble on a pond. Time will tell how the ripples develope.
....and now? Now, I am turning off my phone, and going to spend the rest of the evening with the most amazing witch in the world.
Bridget's bright blessings on your and yours.

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