Tuesday, March 23, 2010

prayer time

Today I have a test in Chemistry. I have studied, but am still feeling I could use a little extra help. I decided to simply pray. Here is how I chose to do it. Because of time issues I chose to keep it simple. I wore only jeans. My tools consisted of my crane bag, my staff, and my incense cauldron. I went outside to my back yard. There I set down my cauldron. I grounded. I cast a circle and invoked the quarters. I asked the spirits present, that being the quarters and my guides, to open the gates, or lift the veil, between this world and the spirit worlds. I then set fourth calling to Lugh, master of all arts, champion of champions. I asked his aid in the up coming challenge I face today. I asked the spirits and ancestors to help me as well. In return I burned an incense mixture of Sage, Ceder, and Sweet grass, as offering. After a time I meditated. I focused on the Ogham Muin. After this, I felt I was done, so I thanked the Gods, spirits, and ancestors and asked the guides to close the gates. I then ended the rite.All in all it took me about an hour. Now all that's left is to see how I do on this test.

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