Thursday, October 28, 2010

As the wheel turns

As one turn of the wheel completes and another begins, I like to look back and review all that has happened, all that I have learned, experienced, and felt. The highs and the lows and everything in between. I have learned a lot this year. A lot about myself, alot about running a pagan spiritual group. I have learned a lot about anatomy and physiology as well as what it's going to take to become a nurse. I have learned a lot about service. Service to myself, to my b'loved, and service to my community. I have learned that joyful service is love manifest. I have learned much about Druidry, it's philosophy, history, and magic. I have learned about opening the gates that guard my heart and letting my love and joy shine through to the world and not be so guarded. I have invoked the two currents, keeper of the three cauldrons, sheath for the spear of fire, rider of the two dragons, and soon I shall be the seed of light.
Right now I am learning about perseverance in the face of obstacles. I am learning about compassion for types of people I have never had to deal with before. *on a side note, the person from an earlier blog who was creating drama, has really changed their course of late, a change for the better. I realize now their behavior was really stretching my ability to be compassionate. I find myself wishing now that I had been more compassionate. That I had been better able to realize what they were really trying to say.

In the coming year I will take all that I have and am learning and build upon them. I will grow in wisdom, power, and love. Or at least, that's the general idea. ;-)

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