Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A gift for a gift

This morning I did my CoP and the rising dragon exercises as normal. In the time that I would normally meditate I found myself in need of divine guidance. In the past I would have done a spirit-walk or deep meditation, but on this day I simply didn't have the time. So I made prayers. Each morning I give the gift of incense to the holy kindred. Most times I don't ask for anything in return, but this morning I did. I asked for steps to be taken on behalf of my wife's health so that what surgical procedure she needs next would be manifest. It will be done this Thursday. I asked that the path in regards to my educational steps be made clear after this semester. That I be given a sign of where I am supposed to be. I invoked these things as a gift for a gift. Gifts have been given and received.

Last night I had another dream. I dreamed that I was learning to play a Mandolin. (sp?) or maybe it was a Lute. Not sure. I don't know how to play a single instrument other then a drum or a degree do (Sp?). Neither of them am I particularly good at. I can't even read music. Recently I have been wanting to learn to play a harp. I am in love with the music it makes. Sorry I digressed. The key feature of the dream is that the string were very loose and I had to tighten them back up to bring the Lute back into tune. It wasn't easy and when I thought I had them tight enough, I came to discover that in fact I did not. Eventually I did get them in tune and I was able to create beautiful music as if it just sprang from my heart to my fingertips. Perhaps I am being told that my life is out of tune in some way. That I need to work to get it into tune and when I do the music of my heart will leap to my finger tips.

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  1. Usually I tell people that thier first gut instinct about a dream is most often correct, and here is no exception, but I thought I would share with you some information about the Mandolin that may lend you more insight into your dream, or not :) Mandolins and lutes are very similar, mandolins have double sets of strings, you dont strike just one string but two for each note, creating wonderful harmony. The strings of a mandolin are also very touchy to tune properly. Mandolins esp. an good quality old ones, come out of tune very easily and need to be tended and re-tuned on a regular basis. If it is so and the instrament is a sign of the balance or lack there of in your current life, it is possilbe that this dream is also advocating that you sould be looking inward on a more regular basis. Once a tuning has been done, and you have re-balanced your life, consider looking inward more often and keeping your life in balance, just like a musician regularly tunes thier instrament to keep the melody beautiful. I may be barking up the wrong tree here but having spent a great deal of time tinkering just to keep out mandolin in tune, when I read your post it spoke to me. So there is some info on mandolins I hope it brings some clarity for you, or just some interesting tidbits!