Thursday, September 30, 2010

smooth feathers and a good book

Yesterday I shared lunch with the person who took the brunt of my Internet social faux pas. It seems that all is well and good between us now. That's a relief. I do like the person a lot.

I just finished spiritual Mentoring by Judy Harrow. I really liked this book. I learned a lot and gained a number of useful insights into some of the behavior I have noticed in the Meetup group. I highly recommend any one who is in any kind of pagan leadership position to read this book.

I have been doing my energy work of the two dragon exercise daily and really enjoy it. As I do it more I find that I can sense the "white" dragon more and more. Previously I described it as feeling more ethereal. Today it felt more "solid". Still different from the red. It's hard to find the words to accurately describe the sensations.

I had a good spirit-walk yesterday as well. Stayed in the middle world and traveled to my friends home and did some healing work on her from the astral. She reported feeling better if not completely well.

School goes very well. I got the highest grade on the Microbiology test as well as the last quiz. The ethics of Death and dying continues to be interesting.
All is quiet on the inner fronts.

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  1. I do wish I had had the time to take more ethics and philosophy classes in college. The one intro course I took was possibly the best experience I had in my undergraduate classes.

    Awesome to hear about the Microbio test; my class was taught by a very Hispanic husband and wife couple that refused to use microphones in our lecture hall. Made it... interesting, I suppose?