Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Elemental journy, end of air, beginning of fire

I have travel, once again, through elemental air. I say once again, because I have done it before in wiccan studies, in AODA studies, and now in OBOD. Not that I mind, working the elemental journy is something a person can spend a life time doing and still always learn new things. So what did I learn or what changed for me this time around? Well, it seems to me that my mind is a bit quicker. I am finding that I am better able to pull up information and things I learned long ago are more available when needed. I am also finding that I am better able to discern the B.S. from the solid info. My mind has always been very open, so I don't feel a lot of change there. I do feel even more balanced then I was before I did this element and that feels nice. My mind is certainly getting a work out these days between three college classes, work, and my bardic studies. On a cosmic level, at the end of elemental air work, as I was walking to class, a single feather from an albino pigeon floted down to me and I was able to catch it. I didn't see the bird from which it came, so it seemd to just have appeared. I am taking it as a sign that I am did well.

This week I began another journey through elemental fire. It is begun with the OBOD fire ritual. My meditations this week are all about fire. Yesterday I invoked elemental fire and asked it some questions. one of which was simply "what do I need to be aware of?" the response I got was "be aware of the one with red hair". No idea what it means yet. perhaps it means I need to spend more time with the goddess Bridget. Maybe it means some one with red hair will come into my life and I need to be aware of their motives. Yesterday I did recieve a friend request from some one I knew in High school. He has a very slight tint of red to his beard. Perhaps that is whome it spoke of? time will tell. Wish I was better at this whole spirit/diety invocation stuff. I feel like such a cement head at times.

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  1. Red hair... swords suit in tarot? Just a thought as my pack has all the sword figures with red hair. Actually some of the wands have red hair too.
    Like I said just a thought.