Monday, September 27, 2010

Mabon and twin dragons

Mabon went very very well. During the day I worked hard at getting the ritual area ready for company. That was then followed by getting the house ready for company. The usual picking up and cleaning. My lovely wife helped a lot, especially when one considers that she isn't up to 100% yet. Oh but she's almost there! It occurred to me that it seems a bit strange that I spend 5 hour getting ready for a one hour ritual. Now that it's all said and done, I'd say it was totally worth it. I am pleased with the ritual. As the ritual was done for an eclectic group of pagans I made the ritual from both OBOD druid elements and Wiccan elements. I also added in the opportunity of giving offerings such as is done in ADF rituals. The ritual included the usual quarter invocations and a generic invocations of "Lord" and "Lady". As a hard polytheist I much prefer to call by specific name, however this was an open public ritual and in an attempt to make it work for all present, as well as my wiccanish wife I chose this way. I feel it still worked. The theme of course is about giving thanks for all we are given through out the year. This Mabon was especially important to me as it marks our pagan groups first full year of doing the Sabots together. Other then giving offerings and receiving blessings, no magick was done. At least not in any obvious way.

I have done the twin dragon ritual and several days of exercise. Definitely some interesting energetics going on. It seems to me that the red dragon feel more liquid like and the white is more ethereal as they pass through me. The portion with the spear of fire really does an amazing job of making me feel connected with both the center of the earth mother and the sky or cosmos.

I have created a stir in the local pagan community with some things I posted else where about the ritual that was done at pagan pride day. I definitely made some mistakes and I am taking responsibility for that. I have been making amends where necissary. Though I feel that my critiques are legitimate, the way that I said them and the mode by which I transferred the information was completely inappropriate. Thus the need for amends. Given time I suspect things will calm down.


  1. It takes a big man to admit errors. Smaller humans cannot forgive such things. The larger humans will.

    As a group leader, you lead by example. Sometimes, that example is publicly saying, "Oops, I am sorry."

  2. Huh?? Where was I when this happened? It's difficult to coordinate a "no-drama" policy when everyone is human, including you dearest Gwynyt Siarad. Given the mounds of mounds of issues you have been dealing with, PPD and Mabon were still stellar