Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Taming the two dragons

I am ready. I have done my work as diligently as I can for many many weeks now. I feel that I have filled my three cauldrons of earth, sun, and moon. I am ready to do the two dragons ritual and exercise. When I do the three cauldron exercise I no longer feel the intense change in vibration that I used to. This indicates to me that I am already at the level on a daily basis. I still feel energy move, just not a big change. JMG recommends doing the right on a Sabbot. Well tomorrow is such a day. Not only that it is also a full moon, or near to it. I plan to start the day with an Ogham reading to be sure that all is ready, then I will set up the alter, dress in my ceremonial robes and perform the ritual.

On another note, My love and I have decided to host a Mabon ritual this weekend for our pagan community. It was sort of last minuet. I had planned to use the Pagan Pride day ritual as a mabon community ritual, but it seems that personality conflicts got in the way of the group trying to put it together and well, what came out was shabby pathetic gathering that calling a ritual would be an insult. So feeling cheated, I wanted to do a proper ritual.

My b'loved's health is quickly returning. She still has more procedures to struggle through before she'll be healed, but at least for now her strength is returning.
I'd like to thank everyone who sent blessings and well wishes. I truly believe it has helped.

As for my schooling, I seem to be staying on top of things well enough. The Microbiology class has not turned out to be as difficult as I thought it would be. I took the first big test last night. I am unsure as to how I did. I expect to find out tomorrow night.

Last of all, that spell I did many posts back...the one to protect our income and money is still working. Just out of the blue my wife mother sent us money unbidden when we really needed it. This is an act that I am told is completely out of character for her. On top of that my wife's father also offered to send money unbidden, out of the blue, but we graciously declined. No need to be greedy.

May the Macha continue to bless your life with abundance, and may your winter be an easy one.

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