Friday, August 27, 2010

Healing spell update

It is now the beggining of day three after the group healing work done on my b'loved. All in all, I would say it has helped. Though she is far from being totally healed, it seems to me the pains are lessoned, but more then that I suspect a change in her mental attitude. She's not as angry, though still a bit frightened. Though it seems to be a simply, if painful, case of gallstones, there is that little bit of fear that worries if it isn't some thing more, like cancer. I myself don't feel such fears. With the aid of my daily magical practice and meditations I find myself not only staying centered, but thinking how silly it is to wast the energy and tears in worrieing about something that will most likely never be. Ah, but worry, it seems to me at least, is not rational. No, and in point of fact, trying to rationalize it away will only take one so far. I am not much of a worrier. Never have been, though there have been times. So how does one not worry? Well, I supose it's because I stay in the present and mentaly work with what is, or at least with what is truly known. To worry, is to loose oneself in an illusion of ones own creation, which is perhaps the most powerful kind of illusion there is. Worry does not change facts, worry only wasts ones energy and focus on the things at hand. I don't worry, because I accept. I accept the destiny the Gods, spirits, and ancestors place for me. I don't worry because I know that I have the wisdom to create the fate for myself that I want. To clearify, destiney are the cards we are dealt. Fate is the results of how we play those cards. Fretting over what cards I shall be dealt...well that's sillyness.

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