Thursday, August 5, 2010

May the spirit within be in harmony with the spirit without

This morning I woke up, helped my beloved get off to work and jumped in the shower. Dressing in only my old blue jeans, I grabed my crane bag and headed out to my meditation and offering spot. It's a little pond and spring I made. I have a small clay vase filled with sand for incense offerings. It's surounded by various shrubs, plants and a pomagranite tree that was a gift. I check in with the tree. Tell it good morning. I feel it's return energy and smile quietly. I dig into my bag and pull out my incense. Just two sticks left. Normally I burn three. One for the gods, one for the nature spirits, and one for the ancestors. I had meant to buy more when I was at the pagan meet up last night. I had so much fun at the meeting I totally forgot. It happens to me a lot. I make a mental note to pick up some more later in the day. I take the two in one hand and plunge my other back into the bag and fish around for the lighter I keep in there. It's baby blue. I light the incense and let the practiced words flow from my mouth gently. Never know who is just on the other side of the fence. I place the offerings in the vase. The wind feel like the gentle caress of a practiced lover accross my bear skin. It feels good. I turn to the north and proceed with the CoP. Again the practiced words spill from my lips with practiced ease, though not so gently as before. I am after all invoking and banishing. The powers of nature and the universe don't abide the weak of will. I do the three cauldrons exercise and finish the CoP. A deep sense of harmony fills me. I sit and meditate. My mind is very still. Not constantly..I lose the focus at times and it wanders a little, but I bring it back quickly and again it is still for a time. The kinds of stillness you get when you are in the woods and sense some thing, but when you turn to look there is only a void and a stillness. TO much of one for it not to have just been filled a moment before. When done with meditation I am reluctant to leave right away. I feel so in tune with...everything. Never have I felt this in harmony. My heart is open and loving without fear. I realize that it is this way much more then not now. I know when I was up visiting my kids it was closed to my mother and guarded with my ex. Still that's improvement over a few years ago.

It's evening now. The day has been great and peacful. Now I await a friend who is having some neck pain. It's time for the healer to get to work.

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