Saturday, August 7, 2010

Goose Flesh

This past Wednesday I noticed that a new member had joined the pagan meetup group that I guide. I logged on and found out that she was a Christian witch. I have no issues with the whole "Christian witch" that some Wiccans and other witches have. I do however have concerns about a christian joining a very PAGAN group. In the group I try hard to keep out all references to Christianity, a difficult task. I also try hard to dissuade any kind of Christian bashing, just as I would dissuade any kind of bashing on race, sexuality, gender, ect. I struggled with the idea of letting her join or not. I sent her a letter explaining the very pagan nature of our group thinking this would send her looking else where. Her response impressed me, and did not send her away. I talked to the other "elders" of the group. Then I decided to consult the Ogham fews. I picked three and laid them out. Though I am familiar with the fews I am no expert nor master, and so consult books to help. At first the meaning of the reading didn't make sense to the question I asked, which was "what would come from allowing the christian witch to join the meetup?" I couldn't make head or tails of it. I decided to look at some of the other meaning of the fews besides the texts. Two of the animal meanings of the fews were stag and horse. The hairs on my arms stood up as my dream and spirit-walk came rushing back at me.
I stood in the forest, the first arrow (the letter) already cast, but the horse stayed. Do I cast the second arrow that will finish it? A casting that I have already been shown I will regret? I talked to my sister kitchen witch. I told her about my reading, this opened the doors to an emotional talk with her, one in which I learned things I hadn't known before. This woman, who I have come to love and call sister of my heart, came to the group not as with a pagan heart, but with that of a christian witch. The difference being that she never told anyone. In time she chose to shed away the last vestiges of her Christianity and has since embraced the pagan path fully. My heart and mind were opened anew, and I was humbled deeply by the thought that had I known I might have rejected this wonderful woman out of hand. No I could not fire that last arrow.

I got off the phone, and sent another email letter to the woman. I told her I was impressed with her response, and we welcomed her warmly to the meetings. Our next meeting is this Wed. We shall see if she chooses to come.


  1. A very good post. We've had dealt with Mystic Christians before. Everyone comes to a point where the path changes just a little. Some leave, and others walk hand in hand with us.

  2. Thank You Gwynt Siarad for this post. It has brought together some concepts that I was trying to pull together. Your post inspired me. Thanks

  3. Very cool. Love your blog btw. I am just starting down my own path. Very excited to read more. I think I will link your site to mine!